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Shardbound work (July - September 2017)

A small collection of some of the work I did on Shardbound.

Animation list
Trauma guard: Warcry, Warcry, Idle*, Idle to Active Idle*, Active Idle, Attack
Shocksword Officer: Summon to Idle, Idle*, Idle to Active Idle*, Active Idle*, Attack
Pack Awakener: Warcry, Warcry Loop, Warcry to Idle, Idle, Idle to Active Idle, Active Idle, Attack, Idle, Run



Trauma Guard: Aleksey Bayura(Concept), Oskar Kuijken(Modeler), Josh Book (Animation first pass) 

Shocksword Officer: Mads Ahm(Concept), Blair Armitage(Modeler), Ira Goeddel(Rig, Animation first pass)

Pack Awakener: Aleksey Bayura(Concept), Anthony Lee(Modeler), Dr.Reels(Rig)

*These animations had a first pass, but were completed or completely reworked by me.